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notice : All product images on our site of our own has been manufactured in our factory so please take note of the presence of several sites put the images on their pages products, our organization, and our commitment to the full credibility with our customers and visitors to our site, it must be noted - Machines and Production lines of high quality - Modern manufacturing methods are followed in production - Raw materials used in manufacturing are imported from the best international companies - Distinguished experts and technicians supervise food industries - We offer assistance to the customers to acquire all machines and knowhow required for production - Our customers are pioneering companies in the field of food industries - Our machines are of high efficiency - We offer general maintenance service for all production lines - We guarantee after sale service - We install and operate the production lines in your factories - We render the best and important advices.


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About Shraidy:


Adnan Shraidy Industrial Corporation is one of the most important, major and pioneering companies in the field of producing food industry machines. The corporation enjoys deep rooted experience in this field resulting in great development through the corporation progress of meeting the needs of the local market and promoting its products in some Arab and foreign markets as well. This achievement made the corporation one of the outstanding specialized establishments in the field of manufacturing high quality machines and production lines.

The corporation enjoys many features which classify it at the top with respect of high quality, great efficiency and excellent service. The corporation implements the latest modern machines and equipment for manufacturing its products. Furthermore, it has an integral system of persistent work and high technology which ensure high quality. The corporation cadre is constantly committed to develop manufacturing equipment and machines, quality control systems and manufacturing methods. The corporation has a distinguished cadre of the best engineers, qualified and trained technicians and specialists in the field of industry. We are engaged to provide the best after sale service, installation, operation, training and maintenance.

The corporation is concerned with securing the best service to the customers with a sense of credibility and transparence. We do our best to develop our business relation with our customers through briefing them on constant development and latest work systems. Our prior commitment is to gain the trust of our customers and to establish a distinguished business relation which serves our mutual interests.

Accordingly, I have the pleasure to thank our honorable customers for their confidence in us, in our products and in our services. I appreciate the efforts of the corporation staff and employees which they made along the past years as they have made great effects on the achievements of growth and development. I also extend my thanks to the companies and establishments which cooperated with us.

We are full of hope that we will meet the needs of our dealers with mutual trust and respect as we are pushing our industry forward to the highest international standards.

Board of Directors
Adnan Shraidy     





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